Everything you need to know about Conch

Conch is everywhere in the Bahamas. The large marine snail represents a huge part of Bahamian culture.  It is often associated with a snail because it’s slimy and has a spiral shell as its means of protection and shelter. You really can’t come to the Bahamas and not eat the conch—it’s pretty much the national food. 

Ways to eat Conch in the Bahamas 

Conch Salad

If you like ceviche, conch salad is a great choice for you! Served cold, this citrus dish is perfect for a hot day. The conch meat is tenderized and cut into small pieces, then mixed with vegetables, spices and citrus juices and left to marinate. The acids in the citrus gently “cook” the conch and highlight the unique flavor. 

Conch Fritters

Often served as an appetizer, conch fritters are an island favorite. Conch fritters are small bites of queen conch meat battered and fried with a combination of seasonings (hot goat pepper, hot sauce, and sea salt) and vegetables, which grow abundantly among our islands like onion, sweet green pepper, and tomato. The tender bites dipped in tartar sauce is a favorite street food.

Cracked Conch

If you like calamari, you will love cracked conch! It is tenderized, seasoned, breaded and fried to perfection. We like to think of Cracked Conch as our Bahamian version of British fish and chips. “Cracking” is a method by which the cook pounds the meat with a meat mallet (or a frying pan- the preferred tool of island chefs) until the meat is thin and tender. Then they batter the meat and deep-fry the thin strips into golden nuggets. 

Conch Chowder

A mix of stewed veggies, spices and conch, this is a great soup for showcasing local flavors.  Similar to a Manhattan-style chowder but much different all the same. Conch Chowder is bursting with flavors of the Bahamas with a fragrant heat provided by the Scotch bonnet pepper.